Urinary Incontinence Surgery

urinary incontinence surgeryIf you suffer from severe symptoms of stress urinary incontinence or an overactive bladder, surgery may just be the permanent solution to your problems. But according to gynecology doctor Chico Dr. Raleigh Unterseher, surgery isn’t the right solution for everyone.

For some women patients, symptoms of these conditions don’t respond to more conservative types of treatment. However, when urinary incontinence noticeably disrupts your life, surgery may be your best option.

While urinary incontinence surgery is more invasive and has a higher risk of complications than other solutions, it can provide a longer-term solution in severe cases.

The surgical options available depend on the type of urinary incontinence the patient has. The majority of procedures used for the treatment urinary incontinence surgery target stress incontinence. However, other low-risk surgical alternatives are accessible for other bladder problems, such as urge incontinence or urgency-frequency syndrome.

Before you opt for surgery to treat your urinary incontinence:

  • Get an accurate diagnosis;
  • Think about your plans for having children;
  • Understand that surgery only corrects the problem it’s designed to treat;
  • Understand the risks by discussing them with your gynecology doctor Chico.

Most surgical procedures used to treat stress incontinence are in two main categories: vaginal sling procedures and bladder neck suspension procedures.

The vaginal sling procedure creates a hammock of support and helps prevent the urethra from opening when you cough, sneeze, or laugh. The process involves placing a piece of material synthetic mesh, your own tissues, or other selective tissue sources) under the urethra. The procedure can be performed just above the vagina on the lower abdomen or into the groin creases.

Bladder suspension surgical techniques are used to place the bladder back to its normal position, including:

  • Open suspension surgery;
  • Laparoscopic suspension surgery;
  • Needle bladder neck suspension surgery.

Finding an effective remedy for urinary incontinence may take time, involving several steps along the way. If a particular treatment approach isn’t working for you, ask your gynecology doctor Chico if there’s another solution to your problem.

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