Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology

adolescentPediatric and adolescent gynecology is just one of the professional services provided by Dr. Raleigh Unterseher at Esplanade Woman’s Care in Chico. This area of our professional care focuses on both common and rare conditions found in the reproductive organs in both children and teens.

Complete and Gentle Gynecological Care

Our care of pediatric and adolescent patients is carried out in a positive, healing environment, using an team approach.  We are aware that gynecologic problems and conditions encountered in our pediatric and adolescent patients are unique to their age group and therefore require different gynecology doctor skills than those used with adults.

Our goal is to provide compassionate, coordinated, comprehensive and quality healthcare to our pediatric and adolescent patients. Our experience and expertise in this area is combined with our state-of-the-art technology, permitting us to customize each treatment plan to our patient’s unique situation and clinical state.

Our gynecology doctors are specially trained in minimally invasive diagnostic and surgical procedures including colposcopy, laparoscopy and pediatric pelvic reconstructive surgery. With each patient that we treat, we pay special attention to the protection of future fertility and reproductive capabilities.

Your gynecology doctor Chico is a pioneer in the field of pediatric gynecology and combines world-class diagnostics with treatment options specifically designed to meet the unique needs of our pediatric and adolescent patients.

Your gynecology doctor Chico Dr. Unterseher recommends that his young patients have a healthy-girl visit within a year after her first menstrual period.

Most girls experience their first period sometime between the ages 9 and 15 with age 12 being the average age for the onset of menstruation. Dr. Unterseher makes certain that examinations are done in way that is reassuring and without discomfort, using instruments and equipment especially designed to examine young children and teens.

If you’re interested in more information regarding pediatric and adolescent gynecology, and are in need of a reputable and personable gynecology doctor Chico residents rely on the professional and caring staff at Esplanade Woman’s Care under the direction of Dr. Raleigh Unterseher.

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