Menopause Treatment/Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone therapy is currently recommended for the management of the symptoms of menopause. It is proven effective in the management of vasomotor symptoms and osteoporosis, but is no longer recommended as a treatment for the prevention of heart disease.

What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

menopause-treatmentHormone Therapy (HT) is used by Dr. Unterseher at Esplanade Women’s Care to help ease the symptoms related to menopause. The most common symptoms are hot flashes, night sweats, mood changes, and painful intercourse related to vaginal dryness. The symptoms are a result of the rapid decline in the production of hormones from the ovaries, principally estrogen and progesterone. HT is the administration of estrogen and progesterone by oral or transdermal routes.

Hormone prescriptions come in oral tablets, transdermal patches, or gel preparations. Dr. Unterseher recommends the addition of a progesterone to a woman taking estrogen if she still has her uterus. This is to negate the increased risk of uterine cancer development if a woman were to take unopposed estrogen for prolonged periods of time. Dr. Unterseher recommends women take HT at the lowest dose for the shortest duration possible for symptom management. He advises his patients that not every woman needs hormone therapy, but in carefully selected women it can provide significant symptom relief and improvement in the quality of life.

Dr. Unterseher believes individualizing the care and recommendations for HT and that one size does not fit all. He encourages his patients to review the excellent education materials available from the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) at

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