Infertility/Recurrent Miscarriage Evaluation

infertilityRecurrent pregnancy loss is distinctly different from infertility, and is defined by two or more successive failed pregnancies. When the cause of the miscarriage has not been determined, each loss deserves careful review to ascertain whether more specific evaluation may be appropriate. After three or more losses, a thorough evaluation by your ObGyn Chico is required.

Couples who suffer from recurrent pregnancy loss may benefit from a medical evaluation and additional psychological support from their ObGyn Chico Dr. Raleigh Unterseher.

Some causes of recurrent miscarriage include:

  • Genetic/Chromosome. In less than 5% of couples studied, a gene test performed on the blood of both parents can disclose an inherited genetic source.

  • Age.  According to your ObGyn Chico, the possibility of a miscarriage increases as a woman ages. After the age of 40, more than 33% of all pregnancies will result in miscarriage. Most of these embryos are shown to possess an irregular number of chromosomes.

  • Hormonal Abnormalities.  Progesterone, a hormone that is created by the ovary following ovulation, is vital for a healthy and successful pregnancy. Persistently low progesterone levels post-ovulation can cause more than one miscarriage.

  • Metabolic Abnormalities.  Diabetes symptoms that are not under control also escalate the risk of miscarriage. These women can increase their chances of a fruitful pregnancy if their blood sugars are managed prior to conception.

  • Abnormalities of the Uterus.  Modification of the uterine cavity is present in approximately 10% to 15% of women who experience recurring pregnancy loss.

  • Thrombophilias.  Disorders that are inherited can escalate a woman’s risk of dangerous blood clots and can also increase the risk of miscarriage during the last half of the pregnancy.

  • Male factor.  According to your ObGyn Chico, some proof indicates that abnormal integrity of the sperm chromosomes can also influence proper development of the embryo and potentially increase the risk of a miscarriage.

  • Unexplained.  In over half of couples who suffer recurring pregnancy loss, no explanation has been discovered, but in those cases, the next pregnancy is typically successful.

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