High-Risk Pregnancy Management

With a typical, full-term pregnancy, a woman goes into labor on or near her due date and gives birth to a healthy baby. But unfortunately not all pregnancies go smoothly. Some women experience what your ObGyn Chico refers to as a “high-risk” pregnancy.

A pregnancy is considered high-risk when there are possible difficulties that could affect the mother, her baby, or both. High-risk pregnancies require management by your ObGyn Chico to ensure the best outcome for both the mother and baby.

Reasons that a pregnancy may be referred to as high-risk include:

high-risk pregnancy

  • Maternal Age. Women who are under age 17 or over age 35 when their baby is born are at greater risk of complications.

  • Medical conditions that exist before pregnancy. These include: high blood pressure; breathing, kidney, or heart problems; diabetes; autoimmune disease; sexually transmitted diseases; or chronic infections such as HIV.

  • Medical conditions that occur during pregnancy. Even if you’re healthy when you become pregnant, it’s possible to develop complications during pregnancy that can affect you and/or your baby. Two of the most common pregnancy-related problems your ObGyn Chico sees are preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

  • Pregnancy-related issues. Often a pregnancy is determined to be high-risk because of issues that are a result of the pregnancy itself and that have little to do with the mother’s health. These include premature labor, multiple births and placenta previa.

  • Fetal problems. These are often revealed on the patient’s ultrasound. Approximately 2% to 3% of all babies have a minor or major structural problem in their development stages. Sometimes there may be a family history of fetal problems, but other times these problems are completely unanticipated.

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