Genetic Testing (Pre-Pregnancy And Cancer Screening)

Genetic TestingYour ObGyn Chico Dr. Raleigh Unterseher performs prenatal testing to detect any preexisting conditions that may endanger you or your unborn baby. As an expectant parent, it’s important to educate yourself about these issues and the proper steps to take if a problem is detected.

Genetic testing has advanced to the point where today, your ObGyn Chico can often identify defective or missing genes with a simple screening.

The type of testing used will be determined by a number of reasons, including:

  • Diagnostic testing to detect symptoms of a condition caused by genetic alterations;
  • Family history of a genetic condition to predict a potential problem;
  • Carrier testing to identify a family history of a genetic disorder such as sickle cell anemia or cystic fibrosis;
  • Presence of an existing health condition;
  • Newborn screening to locate any abnormalities in the genes of the fetus.

Your ObGyn Chico will take a blood sample, skin sample, amniotic fluid sample from the placenta and forward the sample to the lab.  In some cases he may collect a swab sample from the inside of your cheek for further review and analysis.

But there are some limits to genetic testing.  While the tests may help your ObGyn classify a particular problem gene, it may not reveal how severely that gene will affect the person who is carrying it.

Also, many illnesses can occur from a mixture of environmental factors and genes that are high-risk.  Identifying the presence of these genes will give you the ability to modify your lifestyle to avoid illness.

Research is advancing, and the genes that put certain people at risk for cancer, heart disease and other medical issues are continually being identified and studied.

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